United Channel Employment Agency is an award-winning maid agency in Singapore. However, do you know that besides supplying maids (or commonly known as domestic helper) to our clients in Singapore, we also specialise in providing cleaning service to all in Singapore?

Our cleaning services is extended to both Residential and Commercial clients. We cover cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, contract cleaning for homes or offices, vacuum services, festive season cleaning and other general cleaning services.

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Why Choose Us?

1.       We’re highly affordable! Prices from as low as $15 per hour*

2.       We’re trained by United Channel Employment Agency. We know how to clean your house/office and keep it spick and span!

3.       We’re highly experienced! Having been in this line for more than a decade we are able to handle all kinds of  cleaning work.

4.       We have enough manpower! We have a team of more than 30 cleaners ready to go to your house/office to help you!

5.       Short Notice: Just give us 3 days notice and we can help you with all your cleaning work!