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Welcome to United Channel Maid Agency
Well Trained and capable domestic workers for hire.


  • United Channel is participating under Advance Placement Scheme (APS)
  • 1 of the few agencies selected after MOM evaluation and assessment (less than 15 agencies selected)
  • Only applicable to families eligible to *concession levy
  • APS allows employers to meet and conduct face-to-face interview with prospective FDW
  • Reduce possibility of miscommunication
  • Employers will be able to observe and assess FDW

*families with children under 16, elderly above 65 or disabilities

To ensure adequate training for caregiver, United Channel will participate in Elderlycare Training program with reputable training provider


  • Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital
  • Centre for Seniors
  • Peacehaven Nursing Home

More info on Eldercare Training

  • Quality care by well trained FDW
  • High success/satisfaction rate
  • Training and assessment fee < $500
  • Can claim CTG up to $200