Filipino Maid vs Myanmar Maid: Who Should You Choose?

For many families in Singapore, one of the biggest decisions that must be contemplated carefully before making a final decision is from which country to hire a maid.  Should you opt for a Myanmar maid? Or should you rather choose an Indonesian maid? A maid agency can quickly provide candidates from different countries like the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, and other Asian regions, thus giving prospective employers many options.


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Two of the most popular choices among Singaporeans and other clients in Singapore are Filipinos and Myanmar maids. Over the years, many employers prefer to hire a maid from either of these two countries due to several factors.

Filipino Maids

One of the main reasons why a lot of employers choose to hire a maid from the Philippines is the fact that Filipino domestic helpers are thought to be more fluent in English. The ability to converse in English clearly is very important for most employers so that she can properly communicate and understand every instruction given. Being able to comprehend the instruction can help the maid perform the chores efficiently.  Filipino maids are likewise perceived to be good with babies and are capable of handling more difficult tasks compared to others. In addition, some people think that Filipino domestic helpers have better understanding in terms of their employer’s needs and they take initiative, which means they require less training.

However, Filipino maids cost more than those maids from other countries, specifically Myanmar maids in Singapore. Generally, domestic helpers from the Philippines are reliable and can be trusted when it comes to household chores, babysitting, and other tasks, however, they are a bit costly.


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Myanmar Maids

Meanwhile, Myanmar maids are considered as the fastest growing group of domestic helpers in the country today. In fact, the number of Myanmar maids in Singapore has increased significantly by 50% over the past few years. Many people might wonder why the demands for domestic helpers from Myanmar suddenly soar high.  The reason behind this is the fact that they cost least among other countries, like the Philippines and Indonesia. This is the greatest benefit for the employer.  A lot of employers also consider Myanmar maids to be less demanding, temperament, timid, and very easy to work with. Moreover, they tend to work harder to make a better life for themselves.

Previously, employers less likely choose Myanmar maid since the majority of the applicants speak little English which can be a big obstacle. But today most maids from Myanmar undergo training not just in English proficiency but in household chores, too. This initiative is meant to improve the capabilities of the maid to meet the requirements of the clients.


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Who Should You Choose?

Among others, the budget is an essential factor to consider when choosing a maid. If you want a cheaper domestic helper, a Myanmar maid will be a good choice for you. If you have other qualifications that must be met, be sure to clarify these things to the maid agency in order to find the most suitable maid irrespective of where she came from.

Most importantly, you should take into account certain traits to ensure you won’t be having a problem with the maid in the future.  The most important trait you should look out for is honesty. If your maid is honest, it will save you a lot of trouble and will ensure loyalty.