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Refer A Friend To Get Quality Maids (Helpers) In Singapore

We are one of Singapore’s largest maid agency with a database of more than 8,000 maid’s bio-data. We’ve been established for more than a decade and we are the maid agency you can trust!

Help your friends or family members who are looking for a maid by referring their information to us. Whenever there is a successful referral, you get rewarded!*

How It Works?

Its simple!

You can just use the form to enter your details as well as your friend’s Full Name, Contact Number and Email Address! Here’s an example:

Full Name           : Mr Daniel Tan

Contact Number : 9281 2281

Email Address    : danieltan@gmail.com

Address              : Bedok Street 42

For the address portion, you can just put in an indicative address, we do not need your friend’s full address. With this information, our staff will contact your friend to get his requirements for his maid. With his address, we can also let him know where is the nearest outlet for him to visit us.

How To Redeem The $200 per Successful Referral?

Its easy!

When your referral has successfully signed up* with us to get a domestic helper for his home, you will get paid! We will pay by cheque or by cash. You can drop by our Headquarters at Katong Shopping Centre to receive your money.

*Do take note that you will only get your referral fee after the maid has been successfully deployed.

Can I refer more than 5 friends using your system?

At the current moment, our system can take in a maximum of 5 referrals per page load. If necessary and required, we may upgrade the web system to take in more than 5 referrals per page load.

If you have more than 5 referrals to refer (Yay! Thank you very much!) to us - your leading maid agency in Singapore, you can reload the page after you have filled up 5 of your friend’s name.

The referral fee is only given for standard full priced package sign up by the new employer. Those with discount or special price agency fee of $188 is not entitled to the referral fee.

Refer a Friend

So start referring your
friends to us now!

I would like to stay in touch with the company to get updates and promotion via phone, mail, email and other means of communication. By agreeing the above, I understand that:-

a. The company and their representatives may collect, use and/or disclose my personal data for contacting me about services and products offered by the Company and our related business Company.

b. This option include voice calls, text and fax via my Singapore telephone numbers in your record from time to time.

c. Leaving any of the above blank will not be treated as a withdrawal of any other consent I may have previously provide to the company and their Representative.


You can refer a maximum of 5 friends to receive $1,500 cash.