5 Things to Do When Hiring a Myanmar Maid in Singapore

Myanmar maids are among the top three most in-demand foreign domestic helpers in Singapore these days. Aside from the fact that they are usually associated with affordable rate, Myanmar maids are likewise good natured and hard working. With their good characters and cheap rates, it’s not surprising why many employers choose to hire a Myanmar maid in Singapore.

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However, hiring a maid doesn’t just end up after signing a contract with a reputable maid agency in Singapore. As an employer, there are things you need to do right after the maid deployment (or before you hire a maid) to ensure a better understanding between you and your maid.

Here is a checklist of five things you should do when hiring a Myanmar maid

Set Expectations

Either during the interview or upon arrival at your home, take some time to discuss with the maid about your expectations. What do you expect from hiring a maid? Apparently, you need extra help at home but you need to clearly discuss it with the maid. For example, if you are a neat freak and require everything to be in proper place, make this very clear. If you need to confiscate her phone during working hours, you should talk to her about it. If you don’t like her going home late during her day off, make it clear and come up with a solution. Generally, you should be clear regarding the ground rules at the beginning to avoid misunderstanding.

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Be Clear About The Tasks

What are the tasks you expect your maid to do? Does she need to clean all the bedrooms in the house? Does she need to do the cooking? Or does she only need to focus on taking care of your baby? Once the maid agency deploys the domestic helper, it is important to outline all tasks you expect her to perform. Maids will usually do the vacuuming, cleaning rooms, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc. However, it is best to give a detailed list of tasks, so that the maid recognises the full scope of her job. It might also prevent any thought of overworking.

Rotate Tasks

If your tasks list is quite long or some tasks require more time, do understand that your maid may not be able to finish all in one day or every day. So the best thing to do is to rotate tasks. Designate days for different tasks. For instance, you can assign floor mopping on alternate days or bathroom cleaning every three days. If you distribute the tasks in different days, your Myanmar maid will find it easier to remember.

Be firm But Polite

If you observe something being done the wrong way, you should not yell at your maid. But if you don’t speak up, your maid will not know that you are not satisfied with her performance. Domestic helpers are not mind reader, so you should tell her what’s wrong in a polite and non-accusing way. Tell her how you want things to be done firmly yet politely. Don’t be vague with your instructions rather make it clear as possible.

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Check Accomplished Tasks

Remember to do a quick check on the tasks completed in that day. If you are working late, then communicate with your Myanmar maid over the phone or let her leave a note for you.