Why do some employers choose to engage transfer maid

Employing Singapore transfer maids to keep the house in check is a relatively common and straightforward task. You simply have to approach a maid agency to do all the necessary paperwork requirements to comply all the legal needs.


Singapore maids attending a training course


There are two ways to secure a full-time maid — from an agency or directly employ a Singapore transfer maid. While some employers prefer hiring from an agency to save the hassle, some would consider getting a transfer maid.


Some transfer maids are excellent workers


A transfer maid is hired directly from their current employer in Singapore. The paperwork will still have to be sorted out by a maid agency. Though you will not have to pay the full fee for new maids, the Singapore transfer maid fee is usually around $500, which is much lesser than to employ a new maid from an agency.

Families employing transfer maid Singapore have become somewhat of a trend in Singapore because of the following reasons:-

1) Since the maid has already resided in Singapore for quite some time, the lifestyle and the culture is familiar to them, which makes the transfer maid Singapore more adaptable and experienced.

2) Potential employers can readily interview the transfer maid to gauge if skills, work ethic and past employment experiences are satisfactory.

3) There is no need for training and they also require less supervision.

4) Transfer maids can start working in matter of days, as compared to the few weeks to hire a new maid from overseas.


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5) Agency fees for new maids are more expensive than transfer maids, about $700 to $800 compared to more than $2000 for a new maid.

6) As maid agency fees for new maids are notoriously expensive to employers and usually result in a heavy maid’s loan, it is a win-win situation for both employers and domestic helpers. No loan burden on your transfer maid

7) Maid is less likely to quit – Transfer maids in Singapore who have been living in Singapore for some time, have adapted to Singapore lifestyle, are less prone to home-sickness, and are able to better communicate in English;

Employing a transfer maid can actually be a lot easier than you think. If this is done without an agency, you will have to secure a work permit and buy insurance for the Singapore transfer maid. Also, obtain a written consent from the employer stating that the transfer maid arrangement is mutually agreed upon.