4 Important Questions To Ask A Prospect Domestic Helper

One of the most important steps in hiring a domestic helper in Singapore is the interview part. It is considered as a very critical phase since it will be the first time that you, as a prospective employer can personally assess the applicant. Through the interview, you will be able to ascertain if the potential maid can communicate with you effectively and determine her qualities.

Hiring a maid in Singapore is a decision that must be carefully considered. There are several factors that one should take into account before deciding to have one. Having a household helper means she will be living with you and your family, she will be spending more time with your children, and of course, an additional cost to your monthly budget. Finding the right maid for your family can be a little difficult, but these questions might be able to help identify the most appropriate one.

Domestic Helper Singapore Questions For Interview

Question #1: Are You Married And Do You Have Children?

It is important to know whether the applicant is married or not. If she is married, you should follow up a question about how many children she has. Her status and personal situation will likely have a huge bearing on her skill set. Ask her how old are her children and who takes care of them right now? An applicant with children is sure to have enough experience in taking care of kids, which means you can rely on her ability to look after your own child. If she is not married and has no children, you should ask if she has knowledge in childcare and how she learned it.

Question #2: How Often Do You Need To Call Home?

Another essential question to ask is how many times she should contact her family back at home. Discussing this topic will help establish boundaries. Does she need to call her family every night or only during her rest days? You need to clarify your stands concerning this matter. If you will not allow your maid to make a call during weekdays or until her rest day, you should ask her opinion about it. Her answer will help you make a final decision.

Question #3: Why Do You Want To Work In Singapore?

Find out why she wants to work as a domestic helper in Singapore. Is she supporting her family back home? Does she have plans to go back after her contract or a certain period? Is she saving money for a particular project, like building a house? Determining her future plans will allow you to understand her main goal of working in Singapore. Oftentimes, her goals will serve as her motivation to work harder and become a good household helper.

Question #4: What Did You Do In Your Previous Employment?

If she has previously worked as a domestic helper either in Singapore or in another country, you should about her responsibilities in her past employer. Did she take care of children? What were here daily tasks? How big was the house she needed to clean? How many people did she live with? What time did she start working and what time she usually finished?  You may also ask her why she left her previous employer. All her answers can help you better understand her previous experience and give you an idea on how she will likely perform different duties as a domestic helper in Singapore.

In brief, we have shared with you some important questions to ask when interviewing to hire a domestic helper in Singapore. Check out United Channel for their services including their available part time maid for Saturday and Sunday, and also their maid hostel in Singapore.

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