What You Need To Know About Hiring Domestic Helpers In Singapore

Families living in Singapore are fortunate to be able to hire an affordable domestic helper who can provide assistance in various household chores. For families with little children or elderly, a full-time domestic helper in Singapore is of great help to carry out different tasks at home such as shopping groceries, cooking, doing the laundry, ironing, cleaning, and taking care of the kids.

Having a household helper means all the domestic chores and stress are decreased but it would also mean additional cost. Many domestic helpers in Singapore are from either the Philippines or Indonesia. Maids from these two countries are known to be diligent and conscientious, and most of them are supporting their families back home.

Important Notes In Taking Domestic Helpers


The fees of hiring a domestic helper vary but may start from around $400. A maid agency can help you find a perfect match with your requirements and will give you the opportunity to interview several candidates. On the other hand, you can look for a domestic helper on your own and process the documents by yourself but it can be time-consuming and confusing.


If it’s your first time to hire a maid, then there are things that you should know and understand. First-time employers are required to complete an Employer’s Orientation Programme in which you have the option to attend personally and pay $35-60 or take a three-hour online course for $35.

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The Cost

You should be aware that a full-time, live-in domestic helper in Singapore may cost you around $450 per month or depend on her experience. It means if your maid has plenty of experiences, you may need to pay a higher salary. In addition to the monthly wage, employers must also pay a monthly levy to the Singaporean government worth around $60 to $450 per month depending on the employer criteria and a security bond amounting to $5,000. All domestic helpers in Singapore should be provided with accommodation, food, insurance, and medical care. Moreover, it is the sole responsibility of the employers to pay for the hiring cost, transfer cost, annual bonus, and airfare for bi-annual home leave.


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires all employers to give their domestic helpers in Singapore one day off per week. If the maid chooses to work or is required to work, then she must be compensated. The one day off per week is meant to give the maids a time to rest.

Tips During Interview

Don’t forget to ask your potential maid to enumerate all her strengths, what dishes she can cook, what appliances she can use, and why she wants to work for you.  You should be upfront regarding the qualities you are looking for in a helper and what are your expectations. If you wish her to take care of your baby instead of being a housekeeper, you should mention this during the interview.

Check her English skills. Can she speak English properly? Let her read a something out loud – maybe a recipe so you can assess her capability to speak English. You may also enquire about her family. Does she have a husband or children to support back home? Through this, you will be able to understand why she wanted to work here.

Things To Remember When Your Helper Starts Working

If your helper also takes care of your children, try to observe if your kids are happy and comfortable with her. You can get insights on how she interacts with your children when you are not at home. Always remind your kids to treat her with respect.

If you notice that your helper is doing a good job and is putting her best in all her works, don’t forget to reward her. Giving an annual bonus is a perfect way to show your appreciation and will help you win her loyalty.

Don’t get mad if your helper didn’t understand first what you said. At times, communication will be a challenge even though she speaks English. Local employers speak  Singapore English which your helper may not understand right away. If you think she didn’t understand your instruction, you may repeat it or rephrase it.

Always remind your domestic helper in Singapore that honesty is very important and dishonesty is a ground for dismissal.

To make it easier for your domestic helper to finish all her tasks, give her a schedule containing the hours you want her to complete each chore. You should also orient her about the rules at home. It’s better to lay down the rules beforehand than creating one when something has gone wrong.

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