Are You Looking To Employ A Domestic Helper In Singapore?

Are You Looking To Employ A Domestic Helper In Singapore?

If you are looking to employ a domestic helper in Singapore, it is advisable to ask yourself what is your need or priority for employing a Singapore domestic helper. Is it for household cleaning needs; childcare needs or for elderly care needs?

Dishing out meals according to dietary demands
There are many common challenges faced during the employment of the domestic helpers in Singapore. Before you hire a domestic helper, make sure that you understand what roles and responsibilities you expect her to fulfil — and which are the most important to you.

Domestic helpers in Singapore come from various backgrounds and thus they are not necessarily trained to perform tasks in every household need, nor are they trained to specialise. Also do not assume that all domestic helpers in Singapore automatically have skills or experience in simple household chores like cleaning and cooking. Some of the Singapore domestic helpers only pick up such skills during their training programs organised by their maid agency.

Taking care of the elderly
If your intention to hire a domestic helper in Singapore for some specific purposes such as child or elderly care, it would be advisable to engage one who has prior experience in these respective areas.

Most employers go to a maid agency to look for the domestic helpers in Singapore. This simplifies the sourcing and employment process for an employer. The maid agency will also process the necessary documents for hiring a Singapore domestic helper for the employer, as well as facilitate the replacement of a domestic helper, if necessary.

The maid agency, however, will charge employers a service fee. Generally, these tallied charges incurred are then passed on to the employer, who will then deduct from domestic helpers’ monthly salaries, until the placement costs are recovered by them.

The financial costs incurred by the domestic helper to seek employment here are significant. A poorly paid and heavily indebted domestic helper in Singapore will tend to be pre-occupied with financial woes, and may be less motivated to focus on her work.

Minding your child at home
Employers should focus instead on prioritising household chores by need and urgency. Hence if the primary cause for hiring a domestic helper in Singapore is to care for the children or elderly in your home, that means other chores such as those of cooking and cleaning become secondary concerns, to be done only when other pressing duties are out of the way. What your domestic helper in Singapore can realistically do while minding children or the elderly in the house, is not unlimited.

The common challenges regarding employment of the domestic helpers in Singapore are not limited to the above-mentioned. But at the end of the day, you should treat your Singapore domestic helpers in a manner you would wish your own employer treat you, which is respect and appreciation. At United Channel, we provide a variety of services such as work permit renewal, maid placement services and also maid hostel in Singapore. We also can help you find the best domestic helper that suits your household.

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