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Welcome To United Channel Maid Agency
Well Trained And Capable Domestic Workers For Hire.

United Channel is participating under Advance Placement Scheme (APS)

1 of the few agencies selected after MOM evaluation and assessment (less than 15 agencies selected)

Only applicable to families eligible to *concession levy

APS allows employers to meet and conduct face-to-face interview with prospective FDW

Employers will be able to observe and assess FDW

*families with children under 16, elderly above 65 or disabilities

To ensure adequate training for caregiver, United Channel will participate in Elderlycare Training program with reputable training provider

Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital

Centre for Seniors

Peacehaven Nursing Home

Enquire to us

More info on Eldercare Training

Quality care by well trained FDW

High success/satisfaction rate

Training and assessment fee < $500

Can claim CTG up to $200

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