Hiring An Indonesian Helper In Singapore

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Hiring An Indonesian Helper In Singapore

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Why should you hire an Indonesian Helper?

Domestic workers from different nationalities will differ in certain personality traits and culturally cultivated habits. Over the years, these trends have been observed by employers and while perception among employers may not apply to all, these observations aid greatly when it comes to hiring a domestic helper for the first time. When hiring a maid for the first time from a maid agency, all the information thrown to an employer can certainly be overwhelming. Even the interview process may be hard to navigate through for a second or third-time employer, and if one does not know how to choose wisely, it may potentially result in a burden on employers.

Such questions may run through your mind:

  • How does one know whether a helper is the right one for your family?
  • What requirements of the helper should you consider?
  • How can you ensure a good employment relationship from the selection process alone?

Ever wish you could streamline the selection process just a little more? Read on to find out the strengths of Indonesian maids to deduce if you should hire one!

Note: During this COVID-19 period, you may be wary of possible infections through hiring a new maid! Fret not, maid agencies must send their potential helpers for COVID-19 tests before allowing them to work with their employers. Currently, the COVID-19 tests are considered as extra costs of hiring domestic workers but at United Channel, we absorb up to 100% of the SHN costs afterwards!

Characteristics of an Indonesian Maid


Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia and is comparatively similar to Malay. In households where Malay is frequently used, or where there are elderly who are more comfortable with Malay, a maid from Indonesia is a good option to ensure smooth communication in terms of possible language barriers.

What if you prefer an English-speaking helper instead? Fret not, many employers have commented that the Indonesian maids they have hired usually do speak English well enough for good communication. Even though English is not the official language of Indonesia, it is widely spoken enough that many Indonesian maids can speak it relatively well compared to their Myanmar counterparts.

Furthermore, certain employers have commented that Indonesian maids can pick up languages quickly and learn the common phrases your household may use in a matter of no time. As a result, after spending some time in Singapore, many of them are able to speak a little bit of Mandarin or Cantonese.

Culinary Skills

It is often thrown around that Indonesian helpers are the best cooks! If you fancy their flavourful cuisine, this may be a winning point for choosing an Indonesian maid. However, it should be said that culinary skills vary from person to person and one should not assume that a helper from Indonesia will definitely know how to cook or cook well. You should always verify during the interview!

Besides their own cuisine, employers have commented that the Indonesian helpers they hire are able to pick up foreign cooking techniques and recipes fast. You may consider this strength if your household needs a strong cook in the house.

Furthermore, since Islam is the most widely practised religion in Indonesia, an Indonesia helper will be able to accustom to a non-pork diet without sweat and know how to handle foods appropriately in a Muslim household.


Muslim households may feel more comfortable with a helper of the same religion. As Islam is the most widely practised religion in Indonesia, an Indonesian helper is likely to be Muslim and able to act appropriately according to religious practices within the house. Additionally, as stated above, similar food practices will definitely be a plus point for Muslim households.

Personal Qualities

Remarks from employers of Indonesian maids have collectively noted how Indonesian maids are very hardworking and flexible in different working environments. They are also good with children as many Indonesian helpers tend to be more friendly and patient. Employers have also mentioned that Indonesian helpers are the intermediate between their Myanmar and Filipino counterparts, bearing the same friendly, hardworking and quick thinking skills.

Before hiring an Indonesian helper, you should know that…

The salary of an Indonesia maid should be a minimum of $550.

She is entitled to 1 rest day per week.

In more recent news, the relevant Indonesian authorities have ruled that the placement fee of an Indonesian helper may be increased by up to $3000, and must be paid for by employers instead of being deducted from her salary.

Luckily, a new financial scheme to aid the employment of Indonesian maids has also been published. As taken from our blog post, New Financial Scheme To Help Indonesian Maid:

“Employers of Indonesian maid will no longer need to fork out placement fees and other costs upfront, and Indonesian maid in Singapore will not be charged any fees when they change employers.”

The additional financial burden imposed by this new rule is not without a good solution!

We hope that this article aids you in selecting an appropriate helper for your household to run as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to daily life. A good maid should always enhance home life and not bring more frustrations into what should be your sanctuary.

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