Common Mistakes To Avoid In Hiring A Maid Agency In Singapore

With so many recruitment agencies out there, finding a maid agency in Singapore to help you find your preferred maid may seem an easy task. Indeed, you can easily seek the service of an agency to aid you in hiring a good domestic helper. Unfortunately, there are some people who failed to find a reliable maid agency, leading to wasted time and money.

Today, a lot of people living in Singapore are occupied with their workloads and busy lifestyles. As a result, they don’t have adequate time to carry out household duties, like cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids, etc. This is why domestic helpers are very in-demand in Singapore.

But, When It Comes To Hiring A Maid Agency In Singapore, You Should Always Be Careful To Avoid Making These Following Mistakes:

● Choosing A Maid Agency Without Checking Background

Since there are several maid agencies you can find, it’s easy to fall into the hands of a not-so-good recruitment company. Some people just hire a maid agency without even checking if this company has a good reputation or has been penalised in the past. Selecting an agency without reading comments or testimonials from previous clients can be risky. You will not be able to find out if they have several return maids. Any maid agency can just say anything about the services they offer and how good they are at what they do. But some of these might not be true. So, it is highly recommended to check the background of the agency before you seal the deal.

● Choosing A Maid Agency Based On Low Fees

Another pitfall in choosing a maid agency in Singapore is making a decision based on low fees. Imagine finding an agency that offers cheap Myanmar maids or Indonesian maids. Who will not be tempted to hire them? Despite the fact that hiring an agency with low fees can be beneficial, you should keep your eyes open as not all low cost means quality. Agencies that charge low fees may not provide efficient services. There could be reasons why they offer such cheap charges so you need to be vigilant. If you find Philippino maids offered at very low fees, chances are they are not insured or bonded. Hence, if the maids damage something, you will have to incur the repair or replacement cost.

● Choosing A Maid Agency That Doesn’t Offer Refund

As much as possible, avoid hiring a maid agency that doesn’t offer fee refund. Offering a money back could mean the agency is confident of the maid they deployed and the quality of their service. If they don’t provide a refund, there can be an issue in case you decide to return the main in just a couple of days. A guarantee refund can give you a peace of mind knowing that if you are not happy with your maid, you can return her and get your money back, as long as it is still within the allowable period.

● Choosing A Maid Agency Based On What You Hear And Not Checking It Personally

Where did you learn about the maid agency? Did someone refer it to you? Or did you just heard about them while you are on the bus? Selecting a maid agency based on the information you just hear is not highly discouraged. While a recommendation is a great source of reliable agency, you should still check the background of this maid recruiter to ensure you find the right one. Talk with the Singapore maid agency and see it for yourself if they are really that dependable. Sometimes, what you hear is totally different from what you see with your own eyes.

In brief, we have shared with you the common errors to avoid when hiring a domestic helper agency. Check out United Channel, one of the best maid agency in Singapore for their wide range of services such as part time helper placement services and also their maid dormitory in Singapore to accommodate your domestic helper.

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