What Are The Reasons To Choose United Channel As Your Maid Agency

United Channel has been growing steadily in the past years to become one of the major players in the maid agency industry. United Channel is one of the largest that specialized in Myanmar maids.

Maid Agency Singapore

It is an award-winning Myanmar maid agency in Singapore specialising in helping you source for an independent, caring and understanding domestic helper Singapore. United Channel has always seek to source and find you a Myanmar maid that you can be satisfied with.

As a Myanmar maids specialist, what sets us apart is that we actually have a training centre in Myanmar and this was setup to ensure that the Myanmar maids that we bring to Singapore, are of a high standard and can meet your demands and requirements. The domestic helper that we bring to Singapore is of a high standards and we’re sure would be a great help to you and your family!

We strive to be the #1 maid specialists in Singapore! United Channel – The Myanmar Maid Agencies you can trust

Other Than Guiding And Facilitating On The Hiring Process, Our Scope Of Service Includes:

1. Specialize in recruitment & supply of Myanmar maids,
2. Labour net services for renewal / cancellation of work permit & EP application,
3. Embassy endorsement,
4. Home leave processing,
5. Banker’s guarantee & insurance,
6. Ticketing services for your maid,
7. 6th monthly medical check up,
8. Renewal passport,
9. Transfer of maids & local part time maids at competitive price,
10. Application for Myanmar & other foreign workers,
11. Sending / receiving maids at airport,
12. Training and education facilitator, and
13. Counseling services.

The Reasons To Choose United Channel As Your Maid Agency In Singapore

1. Reputable and fast growing – one of the major players in the industry,
2. Reliable – reliable and put in a lot of efforts to find a suitable match for both parties,
3. Myanmar maid specialist,
4. Provide extensive training to maids in both local and overseas training centres,
5. Ensuring maids are of high standards that can meet your demands and requirements,
6. Always striving to be the No.1 maid specialist in Singapore,
7. Able to provide a comprehensive scope of service.

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