Why Maid Agencies Are Becoming More Popular

Why Maid Agencies Are Becoming More Popular

The workforce force participation rate of married Singaporean women has increased greatly from the last few decades.

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As more women participate in the workforce, the demand for maids in Singapore and the easy access to foreign domestic workers also see a steep increase. Thus now, 1 in about every 5 Singapore households has a maid in Singapore.

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For many couples sandwiched between taking care of their young children and elderly parents, having a maid in Singapore is a necessity. For some family members who cannot give up their jobs to take care of the young or the elderly, having a maid in Singapore could make the difference to the lives and their household.

The skills required of the maids in Singapore are also higher today. Some Singapore maids are expected to help children with ever-demanding homework; and care for the elderly has become more complex in terms of nursing skills. The Singapore maids have to run the home and also the kitchen efficiently, and in many cases require them to have good skill in cooking according to dietary demands.

The contributions of the Singapore maids must be recognised and employers of maids in Singapore should acknowledge that they play an important role in the lives of the household. They help employers with the household chores; they care for their children and elderly, which allow employers to achieve better work and thus better quality of life.

Whatever the disadvantages of employing maids in Singapore and the intrusions in their lives, most employers should appreciate the fact that they have helped improve their lifestyle and in some cases helped them devote time to their careers.

Receiving their certificates of proficiency
For whatever the reason, there is no denying of the presence of the Singapore maids and or their usefulness.

The role of maid agency in Singapore is important as they bridge the gap between employers and their helpers. As the paid intermediary, the maid agency in Singapore also have a duty of care to understand the needs and preferences of both sides and facilitate good matches.

Beyond pairing, the Singapore maid agency should pay special attention to issues which impact the well-being of the maids in Singapore.

It will be difficult to become an entirely maid-less society. And the maids in Singapore are a growing population here. Therefore making a trip to the maid agency in Singapore becomes more common nowadays. They offer services such as part time maid placement, Indonesian helpers and also maid dormitory in Singapore.

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