How To Manage Your Maid Without Being Nasty

How To Manage Your Maid Without Being Nasty

As in any employer-employee relationship, it is important that both parties work towards establishing a harmonious working relationship.

How to train and manage your Singapore domestic helper
As an employer of foreign domestic helpers, you have an important part to play in helping your Singapore domestic helpers to adjust to life and work in Singapore.

However, there are numerous common problems that can hinder a happy working relationship with your domestic helper in Singapore.

As such, how to make sure your Singapore domestic helper works well in your home – without being nasty to her. They are:-

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1) Singapore domestic helpers have difficulty settling into your household and facing a new culture – Make her feel comfortable in a new environment. Assure her that you care about her and that she’s part of the family. Remind her that her sacrifices are worth it for her family back home, and let her speak to her immediate family regularly so she feels connected to them.

2) Can’t get along with some family members – Talk to her and also with family members and emphasize the importance of harmony and compromise since you’re all living under the same roof.

3) Spends too much time on her chores and doesn’t work effectively. This could be due to differing expectations: Go through her daily routine and find out how she does her chores. Tell her how she can do things more efficiently.

4) Make things more manageable for her – The domestic helper in Singapore looks after your children and your elderly parents, on top of doing the household chores. If she slacks in her work, understand that she may be overwhelmed and stressed about her daily routine – talk to her and see where you can make things more manageable for her.

5) Not following some instructions – Be clear with your instructions and make sure your Singapore maid understands what you expect of her.

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6) Poor personal hygiene, or has bad table manners. Speak to her one-to-one. Be mindful of your tone and avoid accusatory statements like “You’re so smelly” or “You’re so rude”.

7) Make mistake or something goes wrong – Focus instead on how she can avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

8) Initiative problem – She always waits for your instructions. Your maid may not feel empowered because her agency told her to do only as she’s told. If you’d like her to be more proactive, tell her. Make her more empowered.

9) Always on the phone, even while performing her household duties and looking after the kids – Make this rule clear from the beginning: Your domestic helper in Singapore can use the phone if there’s an emergency, and during her break times or days off, but not while working.

Once you have set the rule, be consistent in making sure that she’s following it. The rules are created to avoid your Singapore domestic helpers heading to the wrong way. If you are not sure how to train Myanmar maids, contact us.

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