The Benefits Of Myanmar Maids In Singapore

Myanmmar maid showing how to lay bedsheets

The demand for Myanmar maids in Singapore have gone up because they are cheaper to hire than Filipinos or Indonesian helper. The Philippine and Indonesian governments have mandated minimum monthly wages of $500 and $450 respectively for maids from their countries.

Singapore maid agency said that fees paid to agents in Myanmar could go up in the meantime, with some maid agencies asking for $300 more. Recruitment fees for Myanmar maids already come to about $3,000.

How My Myanmar Maids In Singapore Benefit Me

1. Proper job matching to ensure that employers hire the right domestic helpers with the appropriate skills and abilities.|
2. Full disclosure of domestic helpers’ work history and background make my selection of a Myanmar maid easier and more correct

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3. There are full documentation of contracts as specified by MOM for full protection of employers.
4. Full protection from unscrupulous or difficult domestic helpers.
5. Translation in Myanmar language to ensure that domestic helpers understand their job requirements well.
6. They have a 6 months training before being deployed, these will give them experience to do all the necessary chores required without much difficulty.
7. Ongoing psycho-social support for domestic helpers ensures that they are well adjusted in their new environment and able to serve the household well.
8. Ongoing skills and language training equips domestic helpers with new skills to serve the household.
9. Agency provides pastoral and professional counselling for domestic helpers when necessary.
10. Lower Monthly Salary – Salary for Myanmar maid is lower as compared to maids from Indonesia and Philippine. You can probably save about one hundred dollars by hiring a Myanmar maid.
11. Easy to work with – Some employers report that Myanmar maids in Singapore tend to have better temperament and are more positive. According to these employers, their previous maids from other countries sometimes just do not like to acknowledge the instruction given by the employers. These employers find that it is much easier to work with Myanmar maid.
12. Fast Learners – let your Myanmar maid in Singapore watch TV. Listen to the radio. I have been engaging Myanmar maids in Singapore all this while, and noticed that language is the major issue. But they are fast-learners, speak to them in simple English, or Chinese. They pick up very fast. My kids teach the maid Chinese. They sing Chinese songs together. Slowly … as long as they have good attitude, there is no fear.

In brief, we have shared with you the benefits of hiring a Myanmar maid. Check out United Channel for their maid services in Singapore. They offer transfer maids, full time household helpers and also part time maids in Singapore.

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