Tips When Interviewing Myanmar Maids In Singapore

Interviewing a maid is probably the most important stage in picking a good household helper. Whether you are choosing between Myanmar maids or Indonesian maids, this part of the hiring process is very important. Through the interview, you may be able to assess the personality and find out more information that will be crucial for you to make a final decision.

While interviewing a domestic helper can sometimes be a daunting task, you should never skip this part or let someone else perform the interview on your behalf. Asking questions and gauging the answers of the candidate can make a big difference in whether or not she is suitable for your family.

Here are some things you should keep in mind during the interview.

Bring pen and paper to write important notes

Be sure to bring a pen and paper during the interview so that you can write down important details. Can she communicate properly with you using the English language? If not, then you should jot it down. Does she have the right set of skills to work for you and your family? Is she motivated to work as a domestic helper? Write down the answers to these questions into the paper so you have something to look back after the interview. If you will be interviewing two or three applicants, your notes can help you compare the result of each interview.

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Observe the way she talks

During the interview, try to observe the ways she talks. Is she too loud when answering your questions? Or does the applicant appear too shy that you can hardly hear her answers? Some employers don’t like maids who talk too loud as it can be irritating to the ears. Does the applicant badmouth her previous employers or other people? Does she use offensive words? The way she talks can give you an insight of her true personality. If she discusses bad things about other people, then there is a chance that she will do the same over and over. So, you should be watchful of the words coming from her mouth. This can be a warning sign that she is not the right one for you.

Watch out for her gestures

Another thing to observe during the interview is the candidate’s gestures or body language. The way a person moves can already tell a lot about her personality. You can detect if a person is sincere by simply looking into her eyes. Does she look straight into your eyes while answering your questions? It can signify that all the words coming from her mouth are genuine and not just what you want to hear to impress you. Keep in mind, however, that Myanmar maids are known to be shy, which is why their eyes may be either fixed on the floor or at the ceiling. If she appears to be over confident but cannot look straight at you, it is already a warning sign – you should proceed to the next candidate shortlisted by the maid agency in Singapore.

Take note of her answers to personal questions

Don’t forget to ask personal questions during the interview. You should ask her why she needed to work as a domestic helper in Singapore. If she is married, how many children she left back at home and who takes care of them. These personal questions will give you an idea about the Myanmar maid motivation to work hard, which can help build a good relationship with her potential employer.

In short, we have shared with you tips when interviewing Myanmar maids. If you are ever looking for one to hire, check out United Channel for their variety of maids including Indonesia maids and also part time helper in Singapore.

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