What Are The Pros & Cons Of Hiring Transfer Maids

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Hiring Transfer Maids

The high turnover rate of maids in recent years has resulted in the opening of many more maid agencies specializing in Singapore transfer maids.

Employers talking to a maid agency personnel

The reasons for the high turnover rate of maids are due to maids being unhappy with their current employer for various reasons, or for demanding a weekly day off. These caused the maids wanting to cut short the standard 2-year contract to look for other prospective employers.

When a maid asks for a transfer, it means inconvenience and cost for the employer. It can mean more agency fees from a new employer, and more commission from the maid for finding her a new boss – all without the hassle of going abroad to recruit.

Employers interviewing a transfer maid before they decide to use her service

Despite the above inconveniences and the costs, employing transfer maids are on the rise for a few reasons.

The pros and advantages for hiring of transfer maids are:

1) Profile of maid – Employers can interview maids and check the efficiency, skill, work ethic and experience of the transfer maids.

2) Pose no cultural shock for them – The lifestyle and language of Singaporeans posed no cultural shock to them since the transfer maid is already residing in Singapore for some time.

3) Cost – Agency fee for these transfer maids are not so expensive compared to hiring new maids.

4) Experience – Transfer maids in Singapore have adequate work experience in handling common electrical appliances and other common household items in the house. They can get into the job immediately and they also have cooking skills to satisfy your dietary demands.

Transfer maids are able to handle electrical items

5) Independence – Transfer maids require very little supervision since they understand their daily routine such as what, where, when and how to do chores at some specific time.

6) Communication – Communication with the maid is very important particularly when giving instructions or directions. Transfer maid is easier to communicate with since she is in Singapore for some time and understands the local language.

7) Easier and more choices – Singapore transfer maids are easily available thus making it easier and more choices for employers to meet their expectations and suit their needs & preferences.

Although a transfer maid is of great help to family, there are cons and shortcomings which include:

1) More costly – Experience implies more knowledge which consequently translates to higher salaries and benefits.

2) Harder to take instructions – Teaching them new skills may take time as they are already used to doing things their way and through a specific approach. Taking instructions may be a bit harder for them.

3) More demanding – Singapore transfer maids are those who have worked in Singapore before and are more seasoned in Singapore. They are more aware of their rights, thus they will demand more from their employers. They will want a fixed routine of off-day and other perks.

4) Lack enthusiasm – The transfer maids Singapore usually do not have the zest and motivation to do household chores as before. They tend to perform their chores with less enthusiasm.

5) Disorientation – They may face some disorientation due to the change of environment in the new working place.

Generally, the choice of picking a maid depends on the preferences and objectives of the employer. The most favourable Singapore transfer maids to employ are the ones that match your expectations. Check out United Channel for their maid services in Singapore. They offer part time helper, Indonesian maid and also maid hostel in Singapore.

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