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Employment agencies play a very important role in connecting aspiring job seekers with employers. Singapore is in the unique position of being a popular destination for foreign workers and competition is still fierce in the local job market.

If you are not sure how to go about this, we are able to give you an answer. To make full use of employment agency, you must understand how the process works. Firstly, an employer will engage employment agency to assist in assessing and recruiting new employees. The agency will then compile a list of suitable candidates from the pool of resumes that they hold in their database. Lastly, the employer will select their preferred individuals from the shortlist, upon which the employment agency will arrange for webcam interview.

There are many advantages to using us for hiring of foreign workers. We will assist applicants before interviews, by offering advice based on their intimate knowledge of the employer. These useful tips often includes the history and workplace culture of the company. Connecting with us an employment agency will give you an edge over other candidates.

We specializes in job pertaining to the manufacturing, construction and service industry. We strive to develop a friendly environment for clients and candidates to interact.

Our sales consultants are always prompt in resolving issues, and assisting candidates with the development of their career paths.

United Channel provides a comprehensive recruitment program that includes:

Supply of skilled and unskilled workers from China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Workers are certified to work as:- production operators, machine operators, welders, construction workers, marine workers, chef, assistant chef, drivers, shop assistants, supervisors, car mechanic, painter, technician etc.

Tests and interviews are conducted for the selection process to determine their ability to perform the job. Reviewing their past experience is also used to gauge their ability.

Administrative arrangements will be taken care of to provide an easier hiring process for the employer.

Selected candidates will under go training orientation, briefing on employment contract and working environment.

Translation of employment contract.

Arrangement of accommodation nearest to the work site.

All administrative matters pertaining to work permit application.

Airport shuttle service.

Scheduling of medical examination, thumbprint and opening of bank account.

Arrangement of Skill Evaluation Certificate (SEC) for construction workers and Generic Manufacturing Skill (ELITC) for manufacturing workers. With many years of established records and experience, United Channel is the one-stop service center to fulfill your recruitment assignment. For further enquiry, simply contact us at 6348 9411.

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