How To Better Protect And Improve Attitudes To Domestic Helpers In Singapore

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How To Better Protect And Improve Attitudes To Domestic Helpers In Singapore

Can’t get around your household chores or simply dread doing housework?

Learning how to cook good food for the family
Finding and engaging domestic helpers in Singapore to keep the house in check is a relatively common phenomenon in Singapore and a relatively straightforward task. You simply have to approach a maid agency in Singapore, convey your requirements and leave it to the maid agency in Singapore to make the necessary arrangements.

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There are more than 230,000 foreign domestic helpers in Singapore working in all segments of the families. The Singapore domestic helper provide an indispensable home help to families or busy working couples, who find it almost impossible to live without the Singapore domestic helper. There are a lot of chores to do that some aspects of their employers’ lives will be affected without the domestic helpers in Singapore. For some, it seems there will be no end to housework if the employers cannot find a good and reliable Singapore domestic helper from a maid agency.

Over the years, the domestic workers in Singapore have become an integral part to the smooth running of many Singaporean households. They pick up the children, fetch them from school, accompany their elderly charges to the hospital and keep homes tidy, among their many roles.

The domestic helper in Singapore job’s scope largely revolves around domestic chores, but there are no strict guidelines as to what falls within this scope.

Caring for your child might be considered a domestic chore, but is caring for unwell children still considered so, or would that be crossing into nursing?

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What is important is that employers make it clear to the Singapore domestic helper of their duties from the start, and tell them when the job scope changes.

The bottom line is that no domestic helpers in Singapore should be forced to do something that she is either untrained to do or does not feel comfortable doing.

How to improve attitudes and better protect domestic helpers in Singapore?

One way of improving attitudes and reward the domestic helpers in Singapore is to recognise the skills that good domestic workers take care of the household and the standard of food they prepare to bring to the table, and compensate them accordingly

The other is from Oct 1 this year, the law stipulates that personal accident insurance for domestic helpers in Singapore must cover any sudden, unforeseen and unexpected incident that results in permanent disability or death.

Employers will need to buy personal accident insurance policies with coverage of at least $60,000, up from the current $40,000. The coverage across insurers will also be standardised to ensure that all domestic helpers in Singapore receive the same protection throughout their employment in Singapore.

The changes will help employers better protect their Singapore domestic helper at a slight increase in premiums, and give them greater peace of mind. With an improving attitudes and better protection for the domestic helpers in Singapore, hopefully, these changes will further facilitate a harmonious working relationship between employers and their foreign domestic helpers in Singapore.

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