Will Live-Out Indonesian Maids Affect The Lives Of Their Employers

Will Live-Out Indonesian Maids Affect The Lives Of Their Employers

There are some 125,000 Indonesian maids working in Singapore. Some time ago, the Indonesian authorities say it will stop sending new-live-in Indonesian maids overseas because they want them to live separately from their employers in dormitories, work regular hours, and get public holidays and days off. The aim is to get better protection for the Indonesian maids working overseas.

How to manage your new Indonesian helper
In turn, employers will get better quality Indonesian maids in Singapore and elsewhere. The Indonesian maids will be certified in Indonesian and train to excel in specific skills, such as cooking, childcare and eldercare.

Taking care of the elderly
Another way of improving attitudes and reward the Indonesian maids is to recognise the skills that good domestic helpers take care of the household and the standard of food they prepare to bring to the table, and compensate them accordingly.

Agents said they support formalised training, but logistical issues like lodging, travel and housing will need to be settled if maids live out. Some are concerned about unpredictable delays during maids’ commutes. Others might prefer to have a helper at night as the employers sometimes works late. It is just good to have an adult at home with the kids.

Most of the time, the live-in Indonesian maids in Singapore provide an indispensable home help to families or busy working couples, who find it almost impossible to live without the Indonesian maids in Singapore. There are a lot of chores to do and some are expected to care for children and the elderly, which have become more complex in terms of nursing skills; and run the home, which involves operating sophisticated appliances and being able to cook according to dietary demands.

Indonesian maids receiving training
Some aspects of their employers’ lives will be affected without Indonesian maids and it seems there will be no end to housework if there are no maids in Singapore.

With the Indonesian government declaring that it will stop sending its citizens to work as live-in maids in Singapore from next year, for many couples sandwiched between taking care of young children and elderly parents, having a live-in Indonesian maid is a necessity.

For others, it is possible to do without the live-in Indonesian maids in Singapore if you adjust your living style and expectations about neatness and work a little harder, like waking up early to make breakfast for the family.

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