Should You Employ A Transfer Maid In Singapore?

Should You Employ A Transfer Maid In Singapore?

There are obviously 2 options in hiring of maids. New or transfer maids. New maids will have to learn everything from scratch while transfer maids, who have all the work experience, require no training at all. The transfer maids in Singapore only have to adjust a bit of the working style to suit the employers.

Transfer maids are experienced house keeper
Are Singapore transfer maids bad – You have probably heard that transfer maids in Singapore are maids that have been sent back to the maid agencies and as such, transfer maids are bad, and you should not employ a transfer maid. The answer is not true.

Transfer maids in Singapore are simply an industry term for maids transferring from one employer to another. Some maids been fired maybe because their employer is too hard to please or some maybe looking for a job after their previous employer has no need for her service (because the children are grown up, etc.).

Taking care of a child is one of their duty
Of course, some maids that are fired after a few weeks are probably not ideal but we have to find out and understand why she is being ”fired” in the first place.

For these experienced girls, they may be very good maids for the next family because they already have the experience and are already well trained by the previous family. So, don’t have the misconception that all transfer maids are not good.

Let us learn why Singaporeans are interested in hiring transfer maids. Once shunned as sub-par employees, the transfer maids in Singapore are now quickly being employed. The Singapore transfer maids are in high demand for good reasons.

Lighter moments of some maids
Advantages of hiring a transfer maid directly

1) Save big on maid agency fees. Upfront maid agencies fees are expensive for employers.

2) No loan burden for maid. Hiring a transfer maid directly is a win-win situation for both employer and maid. No loan burden for maid and less expensive for employer.

3) Able to start work quickly – Transfer maids are able to start work within a few days, but not new maid.

4) Experienced maid – Have prior experience. Singapore transfer maids require less supervision and training.

5) Less likely to quit. – The transfer maids in Singapore have lived in Singapore for some time. Adapted well, less prone to home sickness and are able to better communicate in English, therefore are less likely to quit the job.

6) MOM has also made it easier for employers to apply directly for a work permit for a foreign domestic worker.

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