Training Center

Training Centre

Other than focusing on satisfying our customers, the welfare and training of foreign domestic workers are not neglected.

We have training centers located both local and overseas to allow foreign domestic workers to increase their proficiency. Basic English is taught to them to allow the foreign domestic workers to understand, communicate and express themselves. However, the learning curves for individuals are different, so kindly guide them with patience if they do not meet your expectations.

Practical training such as doing household chores, cooking, infant & elderly care are taught to the foreign domestic workers to better equip and prepare them for their upcoming jobs. We also drafted out a work-rest cycle for the foreign domestic workers to follow, to ensure sufficient rest time without hindering their training.

What training will be provided?

  • Basic household chores such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of infant/elderly
  • Safety training are taught to the foreign domestic workers to equip them with the safety knowledge when performing certain high risk chores

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