Top 3 Countries To Hire Domestic Helpers In Singapore

Hiring a household helper is a big decision that one must think about carefully before finalising things. One critical factor that a potential employer should decide is which country to hire the maid from. The vast majority of the domestic helpers in Singapore came from different developing countries. Maids from each of these countries have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Potential employers should keep in mind that they can only hire a household maid from countries which are approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). In case they acquire a domestic helper from countries not approved, they will likely face some problems.

To Help You Decide, Here Are The Top Three Countries Which Most Domestic Helpers In Singapore Came From.


Filipino maids are considered to be among the most in-demand domestic helpers due to several reasons. Many employers perceived that Filipino maids can handle more complicated tasks compared to helpers from other countries, and have a better understanding when it comes to the needs of their employers. Hence, they do not require a lot of training. For this reason, several employers who hired maids from the Philippines were really satisfied with their decision.

Fluency in the English language is another reason why a lot of employers choose to hire Filipino maids.  Being able to communicate clearly and properly in English is a big factor for most employers. Communication skill is critical to understand the instructions given by the employer and perform the task efficiently. It is difficult to instruct a maid who cannot clearly understand the language.


Another popular country to hire a domestic helper is Myanmar. The demand for Myanmar maids continues to increase nowadays. The greatest advantage of hiring domestic helpers in Singapore from this country is the fact that they cost less compared to other countries. Many employers also consider Myanmar maids to be less demanding which makes the relationship even better. Myanmar maids are likewise known to be sweet in nature and have a positive outlook in life, making them easy to work with. Most of them are very eager to work harder in order to make a better life.

Myanmar maids often need to undergo training, specifically in the English language to improve their proficiency to communicate. Through the training, they will become competent in performing different household chores.


Indonesian maids are also a popular option for different reasons. Muslim clients widely prefer to hire domestic helpers from Indonesia due to the fact that they have similar religious beliefs and dietary practices. It will be beneficial for both the employer and the maid to be on the same path. Some employers also have the perception of the Indonesian maids to be hardworking, well behaved and easy going. These traits are important to maintain a healthy relationship between the employer and the helper.

However, there are a few drawbacks in hiring maids from this country. Indonesian maids may not be fluent in English, which is a big factor in employing a household maid. In comparison to their Filipino counterparts, they need some training to improve their communication skill and converse effectively. If they find it hard to understand the English language, they might not be able to comprehend the instructions given to them. Furthermore, domestic helpers in Singapore from Indonesia may need enough time to familiarise the city. Lack of familiarity with city living can be a problem especially if the employer asks her to go to the grocery store or go somewhere.

In brief, we have shared with you the best countries to hire maids in Singapore. If you are ever looking for Myanmar maids or Indonesian helpers, check out United Channel.

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