Maid for Elderly Care

Maid for Elderly Care

Due to the ageing population in Singapore, elderly care has been brought to many Singaporeans’ attention since they needed to take care of their elders. However, for many people, they are the providers of the family and care of seniors becomes one of their concerns when they have no one else to be the care provider for their elders.

Hence, some common elderly care options would be sending elders to senior care centres or hiring a domestic helper to provide personal care for the care recipients.

Domestic helpers would be the way-to-go if more private and focused caregiving is preferred for the care recipient.

Senior Day Care Homes VS Live-in Helper

In Singapore, if the situation of the care recipient is not severe, people can send the seniors to day care homes or hire domestic maids private care providers for the seniors.

A full-time maid may be better for the elderly if home-based care and one-to-one care is preferred. The level of care will be guaranteed since the elderly will be receiving more focused caregiving than in a day care home.

It also gives the seniors more freedom to move around, especially those who need wheelchairs, since there would be someone accompanying them around. This would also give a sense of security to the seniors’ families since the helpers would help them keep an eye on their elder.

Also, having a regular helper is beneficial since they are also able to handle household chores while taking care of the elderly at the same time. The helpers are also able to take care of them when the care recipients are in need of urgent caregiving while their families are in deep sleep.

If the seniors have serious conditions that require them to have patient care, it would be better to send them to respite care services or hire a caregiver that has undergone medical training. It may also be better to check with the doctors of the seniors to see what is the best option for them.

Tips for Hiring a Foreign Domestic Caregiver for Elderly Care from Maid Agencies

Hire a caregiver with experience

If you wish to hire a caregiver to take care of an elderly person in your home, it will be best to hire a helper with formal eldercare training. This is because hiring experienced maids ensures the quality of care given to the care recipients. There will be consequences of caregiving if untrained maids were to be hired, posing a serious risk for seniors, especially those who have special conditions like dementia.

The helper that you will be hiring is crucial since the person would be taking care of the senior for months, or even years. Hence, it is important to ensure that the helpers that employers hire for the elderly have caregiving skills suited to care for the elderly or have undergone Eldercare Training Programme.


Interview the potential maids

It is necessary to interview the maids that you are going to hire beforehand, to ensure that they are equipped with the skills to take care of the elderly and that they are also ready to do so. Also, you need to clarify with them the tasks they are required to do for you and your family. To know more about how to interview them, do refer to this post.

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