Part-Time Maids For Saturday And Sunday

Part-Time Maids For Saturday And Sunday

In this day and age, city-dwellers have absolutely no time to keep up with general household chores and only a small percentage have sufficient disposable income to hire a full-time maid. It is certainly not a surprise to many that simply employing a domestic helper costs an upward of S$3000. Thus, we see an uprising demand for Part-Time Maids.


Who Are Part-Time Maids?   

Part-Time Maids are foreign cleaners, or part-time cleaners, who perform general household cleaning. Part-Time Maids usually have the experience to provide quality cleaning, especially in certain agencies where they used to be full-time maids.

They do not stay at the employer’s residency, but instead their own boarding house or their own place, unlike Full-Time Maids.


What Is The Part-Time Maid Cleaning Service?

This type of cleaning service basically works as a budget cleaning and housekeeping service. It covers general household chores, but the job scope of each service depends on the agency or company. One simply has to hand over a list of chores to the assigned cleaner.

The kinds of cleaning provided include: vacuuming, cleaning of windows, washing of toilets (toilet bowls and the toilet floor), ironing of clothes, cleaning of kitchen, making of beds and more.

Part-Time Maid Cleaning would usually require the client to prep beforehand by buying cleaning supplies, just like in a domestic helper situation. Only basic cleaning supplies are needed.


The Pros

This cleaning service comes at affordable prices and cheaper rates, which often have billable hours that go by a fixed hourly rate. For reference, the market rate is approximately S$26/hour. Although, a surcharge for the weekends is usually applicable.

It is also categorised as independent home cleaning, meaning each session is independent, with no contract. It can be one-time house cleaning or schedule weekly cleaning, or even only cleaning on weekends. The flexibility of this cleaning service allows one to have a cleaner on demand.

To make an appointment for cleaning with the agency or company, one picks the number of hours needed to clean their desired location. 3-4 hours or 3-5 hours are generally sufficient for most clients.

As such, this makes Part-Time Cleaning Services perfect for spring cleaning. Peak hours would often be early morning or after and before Chinese New Year.

Note that this service may not include office cleaning services, and is different from professional cleaners, where commercial cleaning is carried out. Professional cleaning services will include tenancy cleaning services where chemical washes will be used and customised for each material type.


Who Should Look Into This Cleaning Service In Singapore?

Part-Time Cleaning Services may be the ideal route to go to for households that…

  • Have Time Restrictions:

Those who do not have the time to constantly monitor a domestic helper (there are CCTV restrictions in place when employing a full-time maid) but also no time to do routine chores.

  • Have Sensitive or Complicated Family Dynamics:

Those who have had bad experiences with domestic helpers may be adverse to employing yet another maid. Fret not, this cleaning service is fuss-free and there is no need to foster an excellent relationship with the cleaner. no need to pay for maid replacement fees when your domestic helper does not get along with your family members. can simply request a different cleaner be there for weekly house cleaning

  • Have Monetary Constraints:

The rates for Part-Time Cleaning are generally lower and costs are cut even further as there is no need for additional costs such as maid insurance and monthly levy.

  • Have Spatial Restrictions:

Those who do not have a private space for a live-in maid may consider regular cleaning from this service instead.

  • Want To Maintain A Higher Level Of Privacy:

Households which want to keep a tight grip on their privacy may face issues with a domestic helper and prefer a part-time helper.


Where To Hire Part-Time Maids?

One does not need to hire from a professional cleaning agency or specifically a cleaning service provider. Those seeking Part-Time Maids can go to a Part-Time Maid agency or a few selected Maid Agencies.


And Thus…

We hope that this article has been helpful in introducing you to the world of alternative cleaning services! We are proud to be able to reach out a helping hand to Singapore city-dwellers who face these obstacles when hiring a full-time maid or want more freedom and flexibility in choosing their cleaning services.


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