Selecting a Good and Suitable Maid in Singapore

Selecting a Good and Suitable Maid in Singapore

It is of utmost importance to seriously think and consider things when selecting a good and suitable maid in Singapore for the family. Entrusting your home and your children’s well-being into a stranger’s hands is not a comfortable move, especially when this fear has been fueled by numerous news coverage of Singapore maids gone bad!

A trusted maid in one of the households
However, with the proper background check and preparation you can be confident to make the right choice in selecting and keeping a good maid in Singapore for your family.

Tips to Selecting a Good and Suitable Maid in Singapore

Here are selection processes when selecting and keeping a suitable maid in Singapore for your consideration:

In the midst of selecting a good maid
1) Objective of hiring a maid – This is an important part of the process. You must prioritize what are the most important tasks you want your Singapore maids to perform.

It can be taking care of your baby, dogs, or cats; superb cleaning of your house; fantastic cuisine gourmet cooking according to your dietary demands; or even a tutor for the children or others.

2) Hire a reliable maid agency in Singapore – The maid agency in Singapore is supposed to be the expert in choosing the Singapore maids – Choosing a good maid starts in looking for the good agency. Accredited maid agency in Singapore is a safer bet to give you the help you need.

3) Train your maid – The training they received before coming to Singapore is very short and questionable. You have to train your maid in Singapore to do things your way.

4) Mutual respect – This is the issue of respecting boundaries. The boundaries refer to the privacy, home duties, household tasks, and even personal lives. They are your employees and not slaves, there must be mutual respect. When they are treated with respect and dignity, they will work professionally and with enthusiasm.

5) Communication – Understand each other. Culture and language are barriers in the relationship with your maid in Singapore. She came from a different place with different ways of handling things and this may hinder you from understanding her fully. Give her clear instructions and make sure she understands everything. Do not assume that she understands as this can cause misunderstanding and even worse outcomes.

Some of the benefits of hiring a good maid
6) Give her positive motivations – When she has done well, give her compliments. It motivates her to do better and even take away all the stress she feels. If her performance isn’t that good, give her advice on how to improve her work.

7) Give her ample rest – There is time to work and time to rest. We may not be aware that we are already overworking her. Give the Singapore maids ample time to rest.

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