Signs Of Your Maid Not Meeting Your Expectations

Signs Of Your Maid Not Meeting Your Expectations

Hiringa maid in Singapore is a fairly common affair as most families have a life-changing moment to justify hiring a maid to make their life a little easier and their home a better place to live in.

Both the maid and the employer have certain obligations towards each other and they must be happy with each other in order to form a lasting working relationship.

You can choose to employ new maids or transfer maids in Singapore. Singapore transfer maids usually have more experience in taking care of the household since they are already in Singapore for a while.

While there are no ways to ensure that your transfer maids in Singapore are perfect, what should you do if your transfer maids are not meeting your expectations? What are the signs that you should look for?

two maids trained to do baby siting

Here are some of the signs of incompetency:

1) Not following instructions
Not being able to take instructions from those in authority is a major flaw. Stubborn nature and forgetfulness are common characters of weakness traits. If the transfer maids in Singapore repeatedly ignore or forget your instructions to do certain things, it is a major problem.

2) Respect for your property
Accidents happen to all of us, but repeated mishaps and discourtesy, such as frequently breaking dishes or intentionally spoiling some household items, is inexcusable.

3) Is inefficient
If it takes the maid longer than the time it takes you to complete simple tasks or is unable to complete tasks effectively, that is a cause for concern.

4) Your home is too comfortable for her
Sometimes maids get too comfortable over time and start helping themselves to snacks without asking, watching television, or using the mobile too often and too long.

Your maid feels too comfortable at your home

5) Maid is too nosy about your personal life
Maid gets too nosy about your personal life that make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

6) Not trustworthy
It is probably the most obvious sign that you need to change your transfer maids in Singapore. If you catch your maids lying to you, bringing unauthorized personnel into your home, or your personal items are missing, it’s necessary to replace the transfer maids in Singapore immediately.

Employers are searching a new maid

If your transfer maid in Singapore is not meeting your expectations, you should take actions either to correct, train or replace her accordingly. If she suits you and is meeting the expectations, she can be of great help to you and your family. Check out United Channel for their maid services in Singapore including part time maid, Myanmar maid and also domestic help for the elderly,

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