Should You Change Or Train Your Maid The Right Way

Should You Change Or Train Your Maid The Right Way

While heaps of Singaporean households have different life-changing moments to want to employ maids in their home to do a little bit of everything of the household chores to make life a little easier and their home a better place to live in, trying to find the reliable, committed and experienced Singapore transfer maids is not always easy.

Employers searching for a new maid

While some employers prefer to change their transfer maids for some little mistakes they make, others may want to train and motivate the Singapore transfer maids to be a better worker for the family.

Should You Change Or Train Your Maid The Right Way

Below are some training and managing skills to motivate the transfer maid by using some simple principles and guidelines.

1) Treat them with respect – Regardless of their background and social status, treat them with respect and care to develop a healthy and friendly relationship. Give the maids enough opportunity to prove her ability and to win your trust.

2) Enlighten her about your family and their behaviour – Being new to your family environment, she needs your support and understanding regarding your expectations and preferences and the things to ignore in some members of the family.

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training your maid to do household chores

3) Care giving – Give clear instructions on taking care of your kids or the elderly, especially in your absence is important, especially if someone needs special or extra attention.

4) Show appreciation – Everyone likes appreciation in kind or in words. Praise her or buy some little gifts if she does something good. The transfer maid will be inspired to work with more dedications.

5) Guidance – Give her the guidance in what she must do regarding all the household chores until she is acquainted with the new environment.

6) Take care of her well-being – Keep her healthy and energetic. Give here enough food and rest to be able to do her job best.

7) Personal matters – Do not allow the transfer maid to dominate you. Do not discuss your family matters in front of her. She is not your family member and she should not interfere in your personal life.

skilful maids is not always easy to get

In the search for the reliable, committed and experienced transfer maids, should you change the maids for the little mistakes they may make or train them the right way instead.

This is a situational decision to be made depending on the seriousness of the mistakes the maids made. Changing of maids too often may not create a good impression for an employer and you will have to spend more time, energy, and money in the entire process. While training the transfer maids the right way and well may be of great help to you and your family. Check out United Channel, an award winning maid agency for their services such as part time helper, Indonesia maids and also maid hostel in Singapore.

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