Advantages Of Using A Maid Agency In Singapore

Advantages Of Using A Maid Agency In Singapore

The number of maid agencies in Singapore continues to boom each year. It can signify the growing demand of domestic helpers in the country. A maid agency in Singapore can help those families who are searching for extra help in their respective homes. While a few employers prefer to look for an ideal domestic helper by themselves, seeking the assistance of a maid agency offers a lot of benefits given that this company is reliable and trustworthy.

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Anyone looking for a household maid can opt to post a notice online that he or she is in need of a domestic helper or maybe ask referral from someone. However, this is a very risky move. You might end up hiring an incompetent one. This is why it is highly recommended to get the service of a Singapore maid agency to ensure you hire the most suitable maid.

  • Authenticity

A maid agency in Singapore cannot operate without a license and approval from the government. So you can ensure that you are hiring a maid according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). In short, you are guaranteed of the legality of hiring a domestic helper.  There are specific countries that the government approved where an employer can acquire a maid. Getting a helper from other countries could mean trouble.

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  • Matches according to preference

In order to find the right domestic helper, the agency searches for a maid based on the requirements specified by the client. They will screen their applicants and shortlist those who match the requirements. Once they have the shortlisted applicants, they will conduct an interview to determine who stands out among the rest. All these processes are significant in finding the most suitable maid. If you try to find a house helper on your own, you are at risk of getting someone who might not be that good.

  • Ensures Maid’s Competency

As a way to provide excellent service, the maid agency offers training programs to all their candidates to help them improve their skills and ensure competency in doing all household chores as well as providing childcare and elderly care. Aside from different chores at home, the trainees also undergo English class to improve their communication skills. Each training program is conducted by experts and skilled instructors which guarantee that every client will get a competent maid. Whether you want to hire Filipino or Myanmar maids, the training can ensure customer satisfaction.

If you don’t use an agency in hiring a domestic helper, you might end up getting someone who doesn’t know how to operate the washing machine or using a vacuum cleaner.

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  • More Convenient

The most notable benefit of seeking the service of a maid agency in Singapore is the total convenience. Today, employers can conduct interviews through a webcam, which means they don’t have to visit personally the agency’s office to get to know better the applicant. They don’t have to be absent from work or leave the office early just to conduct an interview. This phase of hiring process is feasible within just a few clicks of the mouse.

Once the employer has picked a maid, the agency will assist and process all the legalities covering the employment. From the medical examination to the releasing of work permit, the agency will be there to offer assistance to the employers and the domestic helpers.

If you need help finding the most suitable maid for your household, check out United Channel for their maid services in Singapore. They also provide renewal of work permit or passport services.

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