Is It Better To Hire New Maids Or Transfer Maids

Is It Better To Hire New Maids Or Transfer Maids

The choice to determine which is better to employ new maids VS transfer maids in Singapore depends on a few factors. You must know your objectives of hiring a maid and prioritize the most important tasks you want your maids to do. Most of the maid agencies in Singapore offer both Singapore transfer maids and new maids to prospective employers to choose from.

Maid agencies have both new and transfer maids
Transfer maids in Singapore are those who have worked in Singapore and possessed relevant experience while new maids are totally new in Singapore without any working experience.

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Prospective employers of Singapore transfer maids can obtain a lot and clear information regarding their employment history, character and working pattern through the maid agencies in Singapore. New maids do not have employment history for prospective employers to examine.

Maids having one of their off-day

Transfer maids

Transfer maids in Singapore will have adequate work experience in Singapore. Conducting interviews for these types of maids in persons are possible. You can get the employment history of transfer maids in Singapore very easily, and you can screen and match transfer maids in a better way because of the face to face interview. This will enable you to gauge the efficiency and work performance of the maid. If the Singapore transfer maids have a history of job hopping, it is advisable not to select such candidates.

You can hire transfer maids directly from the current employer. If you need the help of an agency to do the paperwork, you need to pay a fee of about $500 to the maid agency.

Employing transfer maids in Singapore are on the rise for a few reasons. Some of the reasons for hiring of transfer maids in Singapore are:-

• Employers can interview maids and check the efficiency, skill, work ethic and experience of the maid.

• The lifestyle and language of Singaporeans is not a shock for the transfer maids because she is residing in Singapore for quite some time.

• Agency fee for these maids are not so expensive

New maids

Hiring a new maid is expensive. The maid agencies in Singapore will normally charge a fee of about S$4,000, which covers several requirements needed for a new maid to come to Singapore.

Transfer maids are more seasoned in Singapore and are more aware of their rights, thus they will demand more from their employers. They will want a fixed routine of off-day, while the new maids will not demand more of everything. Regarding maids off-day, employers can elect to compensate the maids instead of giving them off days, with their agreement.

Singaporeans are interested in transfer maids
The demands for new maids are lesser compared to transfer maids with few years of experience. Transfer maids have more to lose if their jobs do not work well and they will be out of jobs with no income to remit back home. New maids are prepared to go back to their home country if the situation is not favourable. They may be here in Singapore for a ‘try it out’ mentality.

You can hire a full time maid in Singapore in two ways, directly employ a transfer maid or from the maid agencies in Singapore. The prospective employer must obtain all the legal documents before employing the transfer maids.

The most favourable transfer maids in Singapore to employ are the ones that match your expectations.

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