All You Need To Know About Hiring Maids In Singapore

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All You Need To Know About Hiring Maids In Singapore

Between tiresome full-time working schedules and the woes of parenting, the practice of scheduled home cleaning amongst other parental duties have an unfortunate tendency of falling by the wayside. These days, hiring maids in Singapore has more so become the norm rather than the exception.

With most Singaporean households seeing a dual income schedule, parents are left with little time and energy to cook, clean and wash up after the kids on most days; and it would surely help to have an extra pair of hands that could help out around the house.

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With that, what is it that we should bear in mind when choosing a domestic helper, and how can we be confident that we are making the best choice for our families?

All You Need To Know About Hiring Maids In Singapore

1. Know Your Family’s Needs. Every family is brilliantly unique; each with different needs, traditions and ways of life. It is important that you identify both your family’s collective needs as well as each member’s individual needs. Take into account the different age groups in your family too; if you have young kids that need taking care of, or elderly parents who need special attention.

Also consider if you need a full-time helper, or if a part-time one will suffice. Do you require general housekeeping or does the helper need to have certain special skills? These are some questions you have to ask yourself before engaging a helper.

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2. Consider modes of communication. We must not forget that different families speak in different tongues. Owing to the diversity of Singapore’s multicultural society, some families may communicate in English, some in Malay, some others in Mandarin while another in Tamil. This is especially important with the pioneer generation, as most of them communicate in their Mother Tongue languages. Every family flourishes on good communication, so it would be great if your helper is able to speak the language, or at least to a certain degree.

3. Interview your potential maid. Interviewing your helper is a great way to get to know your helper firsthand; you can draw cues on their motivations for wanting to work in Singapore and their family background, allowing you to better understand your helper on a personal basis. It also provides a platform for you to ask questions – if she can cook, if she is willing to take care of pets and down to her ability to speak a certain language. These are good indicators for you to go off of before deciding to hire a particular maid in Singapore.

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4. Be clear of your responsibilities. Once you have decided on employing a helper, there are certain things you must take note of. As an employer, you have to abide by the legal requirements by the Ministry of Manpower as well as your personal responsibilities when hiring maids in Singapore. Pay them on time, allocate their rest days and give them annual bonuses and incentives.

Keeping your helper motivated and her well-being taken care of is of utmost importance in ensuring an all-round happy and healthy family. Maids in Singapore have come a long way to work in a foreign country, so always treat your helper with kindness and respect – and you can be sure it will be reciprocated with a genuine willingness to work hard and provide the very best for you and your family.

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